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Village Hall

Two miles north of the market town of Bourne lies the quiet village of Dyke. The name originates from the villages position on the banks of the Car Dyke, a once considerable ditch built by the Romans in the first century AD during the reign of the Emporor Hadrian. .
The village hall is an important centre for the community. Originally a First World War army hut in Belton Park near Grantham. The hut was used to house soldiers training as machine guners prior to being sent to the front in France and neighboroughing countries taken over by the bloody activities of 1914-1918. Today the hall is used for more peaceful activities but still able to fullfil a valuable role with people of all ages within the community.
The hall has recently undergone considerable refurbishment and is now available for hire. A complete new interior freshly decorated giving a pleasant warm environment.

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    Dyke Village Hall Management Committee

    At the Annual General Meeting held on Monday 23rd April 2018 in the village hall the following committee were elected:
  • Chairman: Dr Brian Parkinson
  • Vice Chairman: Mr Stephen Castel
  • Treasurer: Mr Ian Sismey
  • Vice Treasurer: Cllr Philip Knowles
  • Secretary: Mrs Anne Irwin
  • Vice Secretary: Mrs Deborah Bowers
  • Booking Clerk: Mrs Anna McIvor
  • Members: Cllr Brenda Johnson and Mr Robin Woodward

  • Making a Scarecrow

    What you need
  • Set of old clothes
  • A hat or wig
  • Two pieces material for frame. One abour 2m long and second about 1.5m long
  • An old pillow case or paper bag
  • String or garden twine
  • Straw, old plastic bags or newspaper
  • Needle and thread

  • How to put it together
    Lay the set of old clothes out on the ground in roughly the position you would normally wear them. Sew together the clothes so they stay in position when material is used to fill them. Take the longer piece of wood and pass it through the body and down one leg. Take the shorter piece of wood and pass it through the sleeves to form the arms of the scarecrow. Fasten securely in an appropriate position the two pieces of wood either by using a nail or screw. Once you have roughly formed the structure of your scarecrow you can fill the body with straw, or other material collected. Newspaper roughly stuffed into the clothes works well but you must not let it get wet. Once the body is filled sufficiently to look realistic, tie the end of the sleeves and the trouser leg openings to retain the filling. Take the old pillow case or bag and fill that with straw. Using a broad felt nibbed pen, draw a face on the pillow which does not have to be very detailed. Now raise the scarecrow and push the end of the piece of wood pretruding from one of the legs into the ground. Make sure it is firm in the ground so that it supports the scarecrow even if a wind happens to blow. Finally place the hat on the pillow case used for the head and either pin it in place or stitch with thread.

    Well done, you have a scarecrow. Remember the scarecrow is not weather proof and the filling may sag and deform once wet. The filling you use may be put into plastic bags before inserting into your scarecrows body to protect from becoming damp. Your scarecrow does not have to be standing you could arrange it to sit or lay down depending upon what your final figure will look like. Hope you have fun making your scarecrow. Remember to come along to the Scarecrow Inspirations workshop on 5th August in the village hall from 2pm until 4pm. Lots of ideas and suggestions for your scarecrow.

    Service Overview

    Stall application booking form Tug-of-War Application form

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    Scarecrow Festival 2018

    Work progresses

    At 7pm on Friday 7th September 2018 this years Scarecrow Festival will open when the first drink is poured in the beer marquee. Following on from last years event this year should be an even larger fun filled weekend festival with two marquees housing craft stalls, bouncy castles, classic cars, a programme of demonstrations from dancers and martial arts groups, performances by theatre groups and even a Tuneless Choir. Food vendors will be preparing food dishes from around the world from morning till evening and visitors will be treated to a fly past by the Battle of Britain flight provided the weather permits. Planning for this festival becomes more elaborate each year it is organised and the team working on it will m,ake sure you all have a fun weekend. We can't wait to welcome visitors to our village and hope this year will provide a display of scarecrows bigger than ever. "Its a weekend's worth of entertainment" "Its a weekend's worth of entertainment for all the family thats easy on the pocket" Scarecrows are still the centra theme and cheeky creations will be found hanging from trees, climbing ladders and we even had one riding a horse that jumped a garden wall. It will not be the first time that the Queen has enjoyed tea in someone's front garden and who knows, this year we may get an apperance of Prince Harry and Megan? You don't have to be a resident of Dyke to take part in creating a scarecrow for display as villagers welcome scarecrow guests ofa variety of shapes and sizes - just send your details to contact@dykevillagehall.org.uk if you would like to take part and a space will be allocated for it to be on display. Car parking ir FREE at the event. Entrance to the main dfisplay area of the festivla is £2 for adults and children under 16 accompanied by an adult enjoy free admission.

    Event schedule

    Friday 7th September evening

  • Beer festival in marquee opens at 7pm
  • Live music from Dean & Co

  • Saturday 8th September festival open 10am till 5pm

  • Scarecrow trail and public judging of scarecrow commences
  • Classic cars on show
  • Childrens play area including bouncy castle
  • Live performances and demonstrations in open arena and marquee
  • Two marquees house craft stalls with a variety of things to purchase
  • Wide range of foods being prepared and served all day
  • Beer festival open with over 6 real ales

  • Saturday 8th September from 7pm till late

  • Live music free to attend in beer marquee with Pennyless and local band Uninvited Guest.
  • A variety of food freshly prepared available all evening

  • Sunday 9th September open 10am till 4pm

  • Two marquees housing exhibition arts and craft stalls
  • Scarecrow competition prize giving
  • Childrens play area including bouncy castle
  • Classic car display
  • Live performances all day
  • Beer tent open all day
  • Food freshly prepared and served all day

  • Remember this years dates 7th, 8th and 9th September 2018

    Remember Scarecrow'17?

    Scarecrow Inspirations

    Sunday 5 August from 2pm until 4pm

    Would you like some assistance in choosing a suitable character to base a scarecrow on? Can anybody show me how to build a scarecrow for the festival? Needs some help to build a scarecrow? Come along and share ideas, get ideas or just assist others in building their scarecrows. Share ideas, help a friend whilst enjoying a cup of tea and homemade cakes.
    A chance to have a go if you have never built a scarecrow before or may be you are thinking of something a little more ambitious and want to know how it can be achieved? A chance to share ideas is just what is required. The result could be a even more dazzling display of scarecrows this year! Look forward to seeing you there.
    Stall application booking form

    Tug-of-War Competition

    This year we are introducing a "Tug-of_War" competition at the Scarecrow Festival. The competition is open to all applicants. Using the link below, download the Application form, complete and return as directed on the form.

    Tug-of-War Application form

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