Dyke Village Hall

Management Committee

The hall is managed by a committee of dedicated people, all of whom live locally.

At the Annual General Meeting held on Monday 29th May 2019 in the village hall the following committee was elected:


Changes to committee were made on 23rd September following some resignations.

  • Chairman: Councillor Brenda Johnson
  • Vice Chairman: Joe Rawding
  • Treasurer: Ian Sismey
  • Vice Treasurer: Robin Woodward
  • Secretary: Marilyn Howe
  • Vice Secretary: Laura Ritchie
  • Booking Clerk: Anna McIvor
  • Members
  • Councillor Brenda Johnson (Mayor Bourne T.C. 2019-2020)
  • Councillor Phillip Knowles
  • Councillor Julia Reid.
  • WI Links: Deborah Bowers & Marilyn Howe
  • Baptist Church Link: Anna McIvor

Dyke Village Hall

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Dyke Village Hall